Dreams And Purposes…

Everything a man wants and craves for is at first the figment of his imagination, and with continuous focus and explorations, it becomes a reality.

Dreams are the inward experiences we tend to have when our minds feels unsatisfied with its reality. It then begins to find ways to fill up the blanks, and make this reality satisfying but only within…

If dreams are opportunities for us to make up for those mistakes, filling up the blanks and focusing on it with dedication until it becomes a reality, I wonder why some still dream small.

Truth be told, no one ever said that the road to fulfilling purpose would be easy. Somehow, challenges are attracted to big dreams and purposeful existence.

Knowing oneself is the first step to fulfilling purpose. There are tides that that tends to toss men from side to side, getting them unable to focus or getting their focus distorted. Only people who have learnt the act of stillness in the face of distortions can remain focus and work in the right precept to fulfilling purpose.

For what it is worth, purpose in itself is that itch for a solution to a similar or certain problem that simply sets you on an edge. There’s no remedy to that itch like a burning desire until solution is met.

Despite the fact that challenges would come, we still need to stay focused with a positive mindset, doing our bid and hoping for a breakthrough because hope does not disappoint.

The fact that God never places a challenge too hard for us to deal with is a doubt wrecker and hope builder. He never allows temptations too high for us to handle to come our way.

In essence, we should find ourselves, find our purpose, dream the dream and work the work and let God brood over it until it becomes a reality.

Only men with dreams have something beyond the ordinary to live for. The bigger the dream, the more time management seem to make a lot of of meaning to you, the larger the life you have as you face each day so alive with a zeal to set priorities right, conquer new grounds and attain new goals…

So, find purpose and dream big…

To the Nigeria we once believed in…

We have been trampled on We have been swerved from side to side We have been broken. But not damaged…

We have been lied to. We have been deceived. We have believed the lie. But now we choose what to believe

We have been silent. We have been told not to speak. We have been told what to speak But now our voices will be heard

With one voice, we’ll speak. With the right tempo, and in the right tone. Most of all, in harmony…

We’ve been hurt. We’ve been sick. We’ve been weak. But now, we seek healing

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”. Says His word This is the turn we’ll take, This is the move we’ll make

We have wept enough, Suffered enough, Lost enough,

It’s time for a change. Time for a revolution. Time for restructuring. Time to revamp the status quo.

Lord, we know you are aware You are very intentional with letting this phase come, letting these events happen. We know for sure that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, that at the darkest hour comes the break of dawn.

We will not give up or let our hopes get crushed We are certain that you are aware of all these, O Lord!

For thou will arise and have mercy on Nigeria, for the time to favour her, yes the set time has come…

Here’s to a better nation, where peace and justice reigns. Where there’s a strong bond that binds us all together, the bond of unity and progress. A nation that will no longer be thirsty for the blood of its very own in the name of ethnicity and religion…

To the Nigeria of our dreams. To the Nigeria that we once believed in. To those who have contributed in soiling the image and prestige of our great nation , know this that nothing lasts forever. Its now time for Nigeria to regain its pristine glory and honour, and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it from materializing.

Nigerians have had enough, we can’t take it anymore Enough is Enough…

To Nigerians for Nigeria. Nigerians, let us pray, That violence shall no longer be heard in our land, neither wasting or destruction within our borders. That we will call our walls salvation, and our gates praise.

We have been made little in making a great positive impart in the world, but now we rise as a thousand. We have been labeled small in great achievement, but now we shall be called a strong nation.

Let’s keep hope alive as we pray for the peace and prosperity of our Nigeria.

Life, its contingencies and inevitabilities…

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Slow and steady they say, wins the race. Have you ever felt like you are not good enough, or you are putting in a little too much?

Don’t feel ashamed to admit, or feel discouraged to keep up the thrive. The weight and quality of your effort and all you put in can only be revealed by time.

People come in different categories as to how they deal with what life throws at them. There are the givers, the takers. There are the tough skinned and also the soft skinned.

Some of us are so acquainted with seeing things always go our way or just how we want them which makes us tend to overlook or undermine the effort of others in getting out of “not being able to control things around them”.

Well, to these people who have everything in control, not being able to control things sucks, and it means failure to them. They sometimes give up or give in, at other times they walk away or live with the guilt.

We sometimes loose touch with this simple fact, or maybe we forget, or we just try to ignore the beauty of life , which is the fact that we simply cannot control everything around us.

The moment we gain control of every single thing by our effort as human, life begins to loose its essence, worth, experiences, and lessons that it ought to provide us with.

The serenity prayer provides us with a pure and simple guide, making us understand that something’s cannot be changed or controlled, while others may be, but knowing the difference is all that matters as much as doing the difference or being it.

Being able to accept the unchangeable or uncontrollable for what they are brings us to the point of dependence on God, the father of creation, who channels and fashions all things according to the counsel of His will.

Taking each step, facing each challenge, living each day with this understanding and applying every lesson learnt is wisdom.

So do not feel terrible about yourself when you don’t get it right, don’t feel stupid when you fail, don’t feel miserable when you are blank, and don’t give up when the challenge is still on. Know that we are flesh and blood, we are designed to incorporate faltering as we journey, to change and to be corrigible because we can make mistakes. Only God is immutable and unfaltering.

Know it that there are choices life provides you with. You either spend your days trying to control the uncontrollable, move the unmovable, and end up making no difference, or we could spend our lives controlling the controllable, moving the movable, and ensuring that the right things are in the right places, now that’s making a difference…

Let’s say the serenity prayer together…

Lord give us the serenity to accept the things we can’t change, the courage to change the things we can change, and the wisdom to know the difference… Amen…

Dying in my body, yet Alive…

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Christianity is living the God kind of life which is Christ centered and evident.

Take away Christ, His birth, life, crucifixion, death, burial and ascension from the Christian faith and there will be nothing Christian about that life. It is not just professing with the mouth but letting our creed become of reality.

The blessedness of His sufferings and price paid is what we claim and cling to as our prize which He won for us, that also assures us of an overcoming life, and eternity with Him.

Ephesians 1:11 explains the inheritance we’ve obtained in Him being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will. Yes His will for us.

He has called us as men who have been confined in darkness to come out and become partakers of the promise in light through His eternal spirit by which He poured out Himself to cleanse and to make atonement for us all. Hence, we longer grope in darkness because now the day dawns and the day star is risen in our hearts.

Jesus has laid down His entirety for us , He’s sent us out as light in this dark and perverse world, and as sheep amongst wolves.

Do not be frightened, He sends you, He equips you with sustainable grace for the journey, an unction to function.

Despite these, there are greater demands and responsibilities placed on us. Ephesians 1:18 goes further to illuminate our minds of the fact that obtaining a promise and inheritance in God is not all, but there is a greater expectation and longer trail to blaze which leads to greater glory. That is… God’s inheritance in us.

The book of Hebrews 11 tells of men who have given their lives to the course of following God and giving back to God by faith, yet they received not the promise in the person of the Holy spirit. There are also men who have received the promise and have made impact in their world because their lives were governed by the passion of giving back to God in great measures as much as they could.

Do not say it is impossible because there are still men presently giving back to God what is His (God’s) inheritance in them. Like 2 Corinthians 4, they are daily hard pressed on every side, persecuted, cursed, stricken, yet they are not distressed, not forsaken, blessed,not destroyed, and carrying about in their bodies the dying of the Lord, so that the fullness of the life of Jesus will be manifested.

What does carrying about death of Christ actually mean?could it mean that He expects us to share in His pain, so that we will empathize with people who are pained, caged and damned? To live as people of whom His death is made significant in our daily living? Ask yourself and let the Holy spirit teach you.

It further explains by saying that we live our lives as those who are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake. Death is working in us but life in you. There are people who willingly give up themselves,their plans and their wills, so that you can have life, the life that is in God. Do not fail to pray for such men, they might not be directly connected to you, just know that they labour for Christ on your behalf . They daily die in the flesh, not attaching much importance to what you count as consequential.

God is looking for men who will join the force and be willing die in their bodies that the life of Christ may exude and lighten the lives of men. This is His inheritance in you, what are you waiting for? It does not mean you literally have to die.

Let our prayers be that our eyes of understanding be enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of His calling, and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in you and I ( Ephesians 1:18).

Let’s pray it with utmost sincerity, knowing fully well that we have just a short time left to prepare ourselves and to get others prepared.

Put on your guard…

God bless you

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Fear, the devil’s greatest asset…

Fear, an emotional state of unrest or fright as a result of perceived or actual threat posed by a situation…

Fear, the greatest weapon in the devil’s arsenal…

Fear, the mental state of being in a dark and strange place where help cannot be reached…

Fear, that self deprecating agent…

Fear, an irrational feeling that cannot be controlled as it spreads and floods our senses if not checked…

Fear, by it may lost their lives even without being physically harmed,

Fear, just like Julius ceasar, a coward dies a thousand times before their death…


Like, His word States, perfect love casts out fear, there’s no fear in love…

God is love, and His love is shared abroad in our hearts…

Many have lost their lives, hopes and dreams at the verge of Victory as a result of fear, giving up what promises they have obtained simply because they feared what they do not know for certain. It is in that uncertain state that we should learn to trust and to cast out fear through His love and by His word…

What fear have you lived with all these years? Has it been worth the while?

Fear, the same frightening emotion as a result of uncertainty can be perceived differently by different individuals. To one, it could be a demoralizing state of throwing away the towel and to another, a form of motivation to see the outcome of that uncertainty… Which group do you belong to?

In as much as we go through life with uncertainty even through the good and bad times, never you forget that just like joy, pain, happiness, anger, love and hatred, fear is just an emotion, do not let it drown you, instead drown the fear and control it.

Only activate that fear as a motivator in the quest for perfection, do not put the fear in front of you… Let it drive you on a positive direction…

Strange how dreams have been shattered for this same fear which has made great men who they are, for the fear of failure got them necked deep into the pursuit of success…

For He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of boldness, of love and of a sound mind…

The Total Man, The Spiritual Man…

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Who says the spiritual and the physical are inversely proportional to each other?

What is actual physicality, isn’t it tactility, the external sensuality of the body, what we sense from the environment we see, touch and taste?

Well if that’s the case, humans are more of the  unseen, and non tactile creature. That’s what I think…

So long as they are not materialized, the are as non sensual as spiritual. They are like dots of ideas that pop up, the more time you allocate to brooding on it,  the more it spreads and consume our thought process and then gradually intercepts in our daily actions until it is intentionally planned and executed,  then it comes to life as physical.

The things that are seen are born from the unseen things, says the word I have discovered that the best part of me which amazes me are the aspects that are not seen like my thoughts, my emotions and my will power. They are even deeper than the facade or hidden areas, they are mostly the unknown part of us, where no communication exist that are seldom to reflect.

This scripture keeps lingering in my mind… ” there is a spirit in man, the inspiration of the almighty gives him understanding”.

The more time one spends in nurturing his spirit, the fully fledged he becomes as a man whose flesh doesn’t dictate to him, who is attuned to the spirit of God which  bears  witness with our spirit that we are His . God is spirit and seeks spiritual people to worship Him not men that are led by the flesh, either being a carnal man or natural man.

I have wondered why God is not seen, the truth is , the unseen things have more capacity than the seen. Remember, the things that are seen are temporary but the unseen things are eternal. He calls forth things that be not as though they were. To him, they are,  if only you can access it. Only those whose senses are fine tuned and aligned to His ( the spiritual senses)…

Out of His spoken words, the world was framed, He made something from nothing. From spiritual sense, there was something, His spirit brooded over the waters during creation, and immediately He said let there be, there was. Simple, His spirit manifested those things He spelled out.

Likewise also,the spirit wants to brood over the church, I’m not talking about edifices or denominations. I’m talking about the people who knows Him for who He is , who are called by His name, and who will be humbled before Him. He seeks such through which He can also manifest such creative power like he did in the beginning of time.

He seeks those He would spur on to become the Total Man, who knows how to subdue his flesh and activate his spirit in a bid to do God’s will on earth.

So you see, being spiritual is directly proportional to being physical… Note this…

Have you ever stared in the mirror at your self and wondered who is staring back at you?

Have you ever looked at your reflection and felt different from what you see?

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is…meaning, you bring to life whatever you have cooked up inside. You project whatever you have nurtured in your spirit. If you sow in the flesh, you reap corruption. If you sow in your spirit, you reap life everlasting…

In essence, a total man is a man who has allocated a great deal of time in nurturing his spirit, taming his flesh by subduing it , and guarding his mind from thoughts that drop as dots which could consume the mind if deliberated on.

You are what you think, you are what you give your time to, and you are what you do…Selah…

Be the Total Man…

This thing called marriage…

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Marriage is a concept that most people enjoy talking about for the fun of it, especially the unmarried. To the married, it is a concept they talk about in order to share opinion with others  to get clarity on how it works best.

We are familiar with the saying that marriage is an institution, one in which the individuals enrol in pairs, and people come to celebrate the matriculation of the said individuals that gets successfully admitted, but witnessing such kind of gathering in  celebrating the convocation of the marriage is unprecedented. There is no special school to study this thing called marriage unlike certain other discipline. You only prepare the best way possible ahead of the marriage, but mastering marriage in itself is rightly and only possible in marriage.

The union between a man and a woman is often held sacred as it requires the consent of the both families involved based on legally established principles.                               

According to the bible in Genesis 2:24 which says, “for this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh”. This gets me asking myself, in my voice ” who does the leaving and the cleaving, the man or woman?”

Marriage is a paradigm that needs to be studied for some salient reasons of which I took note of especially after the last wedding ceremony I attended.   I learned of certain facts about marriage that could be quite funny to the unmarried but also a no joke to the married.

I can certainly tell that men often wonder why women can be overly possessive of things even of the ones they do not originally purchase themselves. The discrepancies men perceive in women in terms of how women process their thoughts and proffer solution to life situations can be said to be totally endemic to them and does not often align with the way the men folk would deal with life situations as well.  I’ve come to realize that no matter how rich and powerful she is, she is never satisfied by her own success until she is spent on by a man, true or true? I can simply justify such disposition with the bible which states that the man and women becomes one flesh once married, but then, why must the Man’s money be “our money”, and the woman’s ” my money”?

So many questions are often left unanswered but one fact remains which goes thus…we can ameliorate the emotional hazards in marriage through learning, whether you are married or yet to be married.                Preparation for marriage is done before marriage not while being married. And the understanding of our partners in marriage  doesn’t start in marriage but before marriage. The way you treat your father and brothers would not be different from the way you would treat your husband, and the way you love and care for you mother and sisters would  certainly be the way you would care and love your wife.

It would be way easy for one who wants to take the bold step of being committed to his or her spouse to approach such decision with an open mind, and there fore there are certain nuggets to be reckoned with as a prospective husband and wife… They are..

* Ensure to take out the picture of failure and negativity because the more you think about it, the more it comes alive in reality.

* Take note of this saying, ” different strokes for different folks”. What works for other couple  mustn’t work for you and you spouse.

* Be true to yourselves and be real to others, there isn’t much profiting from being spurious…

* Seek help when necessary and communicate effectively with your spouse while you grow together…

* Learn from your mistakes by owning up and remember that learning isn’t complete if there isn’t a change in behavioural output..

* Marriage isn’t built on lies, misunderstanding, and negative vibes, else it sinks..

* Lastly, forgiveness is paramount as there’s bound to be some mistakes and disagreement. Sometimes the heart and mind doesn’t seem to agree, much less two different individuals cleaving as one. Unforgiving is one attribute that is as heavy as the heaviest of metals which sends the ship sinking fast, as in relationship… We should embrace forgiveness and nurture a forgiving spirit.

NB: Do not give up on your marriage without a fight!!! Challenges are bound to happen especially in marriages that are Just kick starting, but the more u are open to experience with a positive mindset and with a forgiving spirit, those challenges will definitely pass. No matter how many times you run from your marriage, you will still find challenges in the next one you run into, so quit running…

To wrap it all up, every ship has an anchor and so should every relationship especially marriage. The best anchor is the one who established this thing called marriage from the inception. I got a clearer understanding of this thing called marriage when God opened my mind to certain truth. God established the perfect example of how the man and woman should love and respect each other in marriage, by demonstrating His unconditional love for man, and man should also reciprocate His love for God also.

God, who is all powerful, and owns the universe still humbles Himself by delegating certain authority to man, He made man His dwelling place just as the man ought to cleave to his wife, and never exert any action on this earth without the consent and acknowledgment of a yielding man, this is His way of showing love, care and value that He has for man. On the other hand, man reciprocates his love for God by yielding and submitting to God, as a symbol of his loyalty and accountability as a wife should be to her husband.

For a more vivid understanding of this thing called marriage get to the source of all things for answers, i am sure that you would find answers from Him. It has worked from the beginning of time, it still works and will continue to work. Just don’t give up on the process, stay put and you will indeed find that bliss you’ve been searching for. God is the source and the sustainer of marriage, stay glued to Him and He’ll direct your part.

Encourage someone with this…



Little by little, each seconds of the day. As the day chameleons into night, I saw myself getting neck deep into it, into this state I call “helplessness”.

At first I thought it was just a passing phase, but it didn’t pass. Then I concluded that everyone lived with it…Deception came calling…

I struggled with this feeling and experience until I caved in and became drowned in it.

Gradually my sense of reasoning and judgment were becoming altered , or better still, all I avoided it to be.

Days passed, weeks passed, and time took flight. Then I realized how lost I was. I felt empty, and it seemed like I have lost my connection with the entire cosmos.

Nothing was in agreement with me anymore, the best way I knew how to react was “aggression”. I took offense at every slight provocation, cursed and starting nursing bitterness within.

“OK , let me start doing what I used to do”, so I said, but did it work?…Disappointment…

I gave up, I resolved to live each day as they come .Gradually, that stranger came knocking and since I was bored, I opened my door…Depression sets in…

“Prayer is the key”, we all say therefore I tried to pray as usual. Guess what?I wasn’t supposed to pray as usual, I was supposed to pray like never before… Another disappointment sets in…

Since the entire world seemed to be against me, I starting questioning my presence in this world, suicidal thoughts came rushing. Thank God I didn’t take my life that I didn’t give to myself, the fear of hell prevented me.

I had to come face to face with my condition, what I prefer to call “a state of spiritual limbo”. I stood facing the mirror, cried my eyes out, talked down myself to the point of nothingness.

Then I remembered this from the first book of Samuel chapter 30 from verse 6, and I quoted, ” David encouraged himself in the Lord”.Since I wasn’t as courageous as king David, I looked back at my reflection on the mirror and firmly said ” God, encourage me now!”, I felt weak and sleepy.

After that I remembered waking up to remember the song that was sung to me in my dream. “Joy, joy, joy, rejoice…o my soul rejoice…sing within and without…o my soul rejoice…

I braced up, ran to the mirror and with my bloodshot eyes, I smiled. I was simply overwhelmed with joy, not happiness, not the kind that the world gives, but joy in my soul.

It was a moment of rebirth. Rebirth, I say… I couldn’t have felt so alive…everything seems to agree with me again.

To you reading this, it could also be that you are in the state of spiritual limbo, you can experience a rebirth.

To you who has never even experienced the God consanguinity, there is a room at the cross for you. He knocks at the door of your heart, can you kindly open? You cannot regret opening to Him.

This isn’t the time for lukewarmness, or nonchalance. It’s not a time for laggardness or indecision. it’s not a time for irresponsibility or sitting on the fence.

It’s a time for sons to arise, to get serious and busy for God. Make a decision today to come to God to experience a rebirth and to live in fulfilment of purpose.

Know this that the whole creature awaits your manifestation as a child of God.


The Quest

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Have you ever been in that not so pleasant kind of situation in which all you have clamored and fought for in such a die hard manner is laid at your feet, right in front of you? What was the feeling like?

You smile but the smile is just half way an efflux from the heart. Its more like coming from the head.

You’ve gotten your revenge, but it seems not vengeful enough.

You underestimated the strength of love over hate

The heart wants to love freely, wants to be happy , but the quest for vengeance is some what forward, always trying to be ahead.

You address issues like one with a chip on his shoulder, being spiteful dishing out the anger.

Always at the point of proving a point even when it isn’t necessary.

Watch it! We do not see beyond what we apparently see. I mean the point you are trying to prove, don’t you think some one else already knows?

“I am happy”, so you say but here’s another question… Is that really happiness?

The quest for happiness has sent many running down the dark path of hate and bitterness because they ignorantly thought that happiness is only about self gratification.

Then they realize that the worth of living itself is not in the taking but in the giving.

Not in the ‘me satisfaction’ but in the ‘ us satisfaction’

Not in the ‘doing you’ all the time, but in the ‘doing us’ sometimes.

Not in the ‘ me happiness’ but in the ‘ we happiness’, which results to joy.

There’s hope even for a tree that has been hewed down, that at the scent of water it will spring up. You can still conquer that quest… The quest for true happiness. Ask me how…

It is conquerable by putting behind the hurt, pain, agony, strife and bitterness and looking forward to the things ahead with faith and hope because hope maketh not ashamed.

Enough!, we have tried fetching happiness using the hate pail which in turn contaminates the content of our happiness turning it into hate, strife and unhealthy competition.

Let’s give love a chance,let’s fetch from the well of happiness with the pail of love. Trust me… Nothing can go wrong. The Content will come out as pure and undefiling.

These are the lasting moments of our lives , when we infect others with our happiness. When it is no longer about me or you, but about me and you.

Remember this as you attend to each days need, ” let love lead”… The love of God has been shared abroad in our hearts.

These are my thoughts, what about yours?

I couldn’t agree less, do you agree?

How effective is your salt?

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Salt is one of the basic house hold commodity.  I don’t see the possibility of salt being absent in a home for a long period of time safe the individual has an certain vendetta with his or her kitchen..

The word “salt” isn’t strange to anyone as much as its usefulness. Am not trying to remind you of why you added salt to your last meal, or why you suggested that your neighbor should apply salt to preserve her food items.

Here’s what am here to do, to harness the salt in you and to make it effective.

How well does your presence and utterance lighten the burdens of the person beside you and restore hope to the seemingly hopeless? salt preserves…

Is it easy for your family, friends and colleagues to sweat it out around you and heave a sigh of relief? Salt allows free passage of heat…

What advice did you give that lady who came to complaining about her husband, or the young man of his boss and his job, or the young girl of her relationship with her best friend?Did you show them the easy way out by calling it quit for them? Salt can seal cracks and fissures in rocks that surrounds it…

How do you respond to the teenage girl down the corner, do you resent her because of her life style and telling your children not to be seen any where around her? Salt is useful for filtering and for treatment…

Why don’t you get to know this teenage girl and give her a little of your salt so she can be filtered and treated.

Why don’t you give the young lady, the young man and the young girl some your salt by urging them to face the problem and not run from it. They should go back and seal the cracks in their relationships..

There is salt in everyone of us, we shouldn’t let it lie dormant. Let it be extended to the people around us. Our family, friends and colleagues should be able to let go of stress whenever they are around us, that’s not asking for too much, is it?

No one wants to be around a person which makes them feel like they are walking on eggshells. Take note…

We are the salt of the earth, use your salt and be effective. Its one step ahead in solving the problems in our society, selah…

The more effective we are as salt, the less the suicide rate in our society..

Use your salt effectively, stay positive…