This thing called marriage…

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Marriage is a concept that most people enjoy talking about for the fun of it, especially the unmarried. To the married, it is a concept they talk about in order to share opinion with others  to get clarity on how it works best.

We are familiar with the saying that marriage is an institution, one in which the individuals enrol in pairs, and people come to celebrate the matriculation of the said individuals that gets successfully admitted, but witnessing such kind of gathering in  celebrating the convocation of the marriage is unprecedented. There is no special school to study this thing called marriage unlike certain other discipline. You only prepare the best way possible ahead of the marriage, but mastering marriage in itself is rightly and only possible in marriage.

The union between a man and a woman is often held sacred as it requires the consent of the both families involved based on legally established principles.                               

According to the bible in Genesis 2:24 which says, “for this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh”. This gets me asking myself, in my voice ” who does the leaving and the cleaving, the man or woman?”

Marriage is a paradigm that needs to be studied for some salient reasons of which I took note of especially after the last wedding ceremony I attended.   I learned of certain facts about marriage that could be quite funny to the unmarried but also a no joke to the married.

I can certainly tell that men often wonder why women can be overly possessive of things even of the ones they do not originally purchase themselves. The discrepancies men perceive in women in terms of how women process their thoughts and proffer solution to life situations can be said to be totally endemic to them and does not often align with the way the men folk would deal with life situations as well.  I’ve come to realize that no matter how rich and powerful she is, she is never satisfied by her own success until she is spent on by a man, true or true? I can simply justify such disposition with the bible which states that the man and women becomes one flesh once married, but then, why must the Man’s money be “our money”, and the woman’s ” my money”?

So many questions are often left unanswered but one fact remains which goes thus…we can ameliorate the emotional hazards in marriage through learning, whether you are married or yet to be married.                Preparation for marriage is done before marriage not while being married. And the understanding of our partners in marriage  doesn’t start in marriage but before marriage. The way you treat your father and brothers would not be different from the way you would treat your husband, and the way you love and care for you mother and sisters would  certainly be the way you would care and love your wife.

It would be way easy for one who wants to take the bold step of being committed to his or her spouse to approach such decision with an open mind, and there fore there are certain nuggets to be reckoned with as a prospective husband and wife… They are..

* Ensure to take out the picture of failure and negativity because the more you think about it, the more it comes alive in reality.

* Take note of this saying, ” different strokes for different folks”. What works for other couple  mustn’t work for you and you spouse.

* Be true to yourselves and be real to others, there isn’t much profiting from being spurious…

* Seek help when necessary and communicate effectively with your spouse while you grow together…

* Learn from your mistakes by owning up and remember that learning isn’t complete if there isn’t a change in behavioural output..

* Marriage isn’t built on lies, misunderstanding, and negative vibes, else it sinks..

* Lastly, forgiveness is paramount as there’s bound to be some mistakes and disagreement. Sometimes the heart and mind doesn’t seem to agree, much less two different individuals cleaving as one. Unforgiving is one attribute that is as heavy as the heaviest of metals which sends the ship sinking fast, as in relationship… We should embrace forgiveness and nurture a forgiving spirit.

NB: Do not give up on your marriage without a fight!!! Challenges are bound to happen especially in marriages that are Just kick starting, but the more u are open to experience with a positive mindset and with a forgiving spirit, those challenges will definitely pass. No matter how many times you run from your marriage, you will still find challenges in the next one you run into, so quit running…

To wrap it all up, every ship has an anchor and so should every relationship especially marriage. The best anchor is the one who established this thing called marriage from the inception. I got a clearer understanding of this thing called marriage when God opened my mind to certain truth. God established the perfect example of how the man and woman should love and respect each other in marriage, by demonstrating His unconditional love for man, and man should also reciprocate His love for God also.

God, who is all powerful, and owns the universe still humbles Himself by delegating certain authority to man, He made man His dwelling place just as the man ought to cleave to his wife, and never exert any action on this earth without the consent and acknowledgment of a yielding man, this is His way of showing love, care and value that He has for man. On the other hand, man reciprocates his love for God by yielding and submitting to God, as a symbol of his loyalty and accountability as a wife should be to her husband.

For a more vivid understanding of this thing called marriage get to the source of all things for answers, i am sure that you would find answers from Him. It has worked from the beginning of time, it still works and will continue to work. Just don’t give up on the process, stay put and you will indeed find that bliss you’ve been searching for. God is the source and the sustainer of marriage, stay glued to Him and He’ll direct your part.

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