The Total Man, The Spiritual Man…

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Who says the spiritual and the physical are inversely proportional to each other?

What is actual physicality, isn’t it tactility, the external sensuality of the body, what we sense from the environment we see, touch and taste?

Well if that’s the case, humans are more of the  unseen, and non tactile creature. That’s what I think…

So long as they are not materialized, the are as non sensual as spiritual. They are like dots of ideas that pop up, the more time you allocate to brooding on it,  the more it spreads and consume our thought process and then gradually intercepts in our daily actions until it is intentionally planned and executed,  then it comes to life as physical.

The things that are seen are born from the unseen things, says the word I have discovered that the best part of me which amazes me are the aspects that are not seen like my thoughts, my emotions and my will power. They are even deeper than the facade or hidden areas, they are mostly the unknown part of us, where no communication exist that are seldom to reflect.

This scripture keeps lingering in my mind… ” there is a spirit in man, the inspiration of the almighty gives him understanding”.

The more time one spends in nurturing his spirit, the fully fledged he becomes as a man whose flesh doesn’t dictate to him, who is attuned to the spirit of God which  bears  witness with our spirit that we are His . God is spirit and seeks spiritual people to worship Him not men that are led by the flesh, either being a carnal man or natural man.

I have wondered why God is not seen, the truth is , the unseen things have more capacity than the seen. Remember, the things that are seen are temporary but the unseen things are eternal. He calls forth things that be not as though they were. To him, they are,  if only you can access it. Only those whose senses are fine tuned and aligned to His ( the spiritual senses)…

Out of His spoken words, the world was framed, He made something from nothing. From spiritual sense, there was something, His spirit brooded over the waters during creation, and immediately He said let there be, there was. Simple, His spirit manifested those things He spelled out.

Likewise also,the spirit wants to brood over the church, I’m not talking about edifices or denominations. I’m talking about the people who knows Him for who He is , who are called by His name, and who will be humbled before Him. He seeks such through which He can also manifest such creative power like he did in the beginning of time.

He seeks those He would spur on to become the Total Man, who knows how to subdue his flesh and activate his spirit in a bid to do God’s will on earth.

So you see, being spiritual is directly proportional to being physical… Note this…

Have you ever stared in the mirror at your self and wondered who is staring back at you?

Have you ever looked at your reflection and felt different from what you see?

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is…meaning, you bring to life whatever you have cooked up inside. You project whatever you have nurtured in your spirit. If you sow in the flesh, you reap corruption. If you sow in your spirit, you reap life everlasting…

In essence, a total man is a man who has allocated a great deal of time in nurturing his spirit, taming his flesh by subduing it , and guarding his mind from thoughts that drop as dots which could consume the mind if deliberated on.

You are what you think, you are what you give your time to, and you are what you do…Selah…

Be the Total Man…


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