Dreams And Purposes…

Everything a man wants and craves for is at first the figment of his imagination, and with continuous focus and explorations, it becomes a reality.

Dreams are the inward experiences we tend to have when our minds feels unsatisfied with its reality. It then begins to find ways to fill up the blanks, and make this reality satisfying but only within…

If dreams are opportunities for us to make up for those mistakes, filling up the blanks and focusing on it with dedication until it becomes a reality, I wonder why some still dream small.

Truth be told, no one ever said that the road to fulfilling purpose would be easy. Somehow, challenges are attracted to big dreams and purposeful existence.

Knowing oneself is the first step to fulfilling purpose. There are tides that that tends to toss men from side to side, getting them unable to focus or getting their focus distorted. Only people who have learnt the act of stillness in the face of distortions can remain focus and work in the right precept to fulfilling purpose.

For what it is worth, purpose in itself is that itch for a solution to a similar or certain problem that simply sets you on an edge. There’s no remedy to that itch like a burning desire until solution is met.

Despite the fact that challenges would come, we still need to stay focused with a positive mindset, doing our bid and hoping for a breakthrough because hope does not disappoint.

The fact that God never places a challenge too hard for us to deal with is a doubt wrecker and hope builder. He never allows temptations too high for us to handle to come our way.

In essence, we should find ourselves, find our purpose, dream the dream and work the work and let God brood over it until it becomes a reality.

Only men with dreams have something beyond the ordinary to live for. The bigger the dream, the more time management seem to make a lot of of meaning to you, the larger the life you have as you face each day so alive with a zeal to set priorities right, conquer new grounds and attain new goals…

So, find purpose and dream big…


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