Life, its contingencies and inevitabilities…

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Slow and steady they say, wins the race. Have you ever felt like you are not good enough, or you are putting in a little too much?

Don’t feel ashamed to admit, or feel discouraged to keep up the thrive. The weight and quality of your effort and all you put in can only be revealed by time.

People come in different categories as to how they deal with what life throws at them. There are the givers, the takers. There are the tough skinned and also the soft skinned.

Some of us are so acquainted with seeing things always go our way or just how we want them which makes us tend to overlook or undermine the effort of others in getting out of “not being able to control things around them”.

Well, to these people who have everything in control, not being able to control things sucks, and it means failure to them. They sometimes give up or give in, at other times they walk away or live with the guilt.

We sometimes loose touch with this simple fact, or maybe we forget, or we just try to ignore the beauty of life , which is the fact that we simply cannot control everything around us.

The moment we gain control of every single thing by our effort as human, life begins to loose its essence, worth, experiences, and lessons that it ought to provide us with.

The serenity prayer provides us with a pure and simple guide, making us understand that something’s cannot be changed or controlled, while others may be, but knowing the difference is all that matters as much as doing the difference or being it.

Being able to accept the unchangeable or uncontrollable for what they are brings us to the point of dependence on God, the father of creation, who channels and fashions all things according to the counsel of His will.

Taking each step, facing each challenge, living each day with this understanding and applying every lesson learnt is wisdom.

So do not feel terrible about yourself when you don’t get it right, don’t feel stupid when you fail, don’t feel miserable when you are blank, and don’t give up when the challenge is still on. Know that we are flesh and blood, we are designed to incorporate faltering as we journey, to change and to be corrigible because we can make mistakes. Only God is immutable and unfaltering.

Know it that there are choices life provides you with. You either spend your days trying to control the uncontrollable, move the unmovable, and end up making no difference, or we could spend our lives controlling the controllable, moving the movable, and ensuring that the right things are in the right places, now that’s making a difference…

Let’s say the serenity prayer together…

Lord give us the serenity to accept the things we can’t change, the courage to change the things we can change, and the wisdom to know the difference… Amen…


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