The Valley Experiences Of Life…

Photo credit: Pastor Rick

Cliff! Cliff! Cliff!

Down, down, down the slope, we plunge… We prostate to the overwhelming power of nature, eventually knowing that we do not hold the power over creation and natural laws, safe we align to the creator Himself…

We’ve been through the adversarialies of life, which transverses with us or sometimes are created by us.

We’ve been at our lowest, we’ve felt like the vanquished ones…

Its not in our place to direct our path, but God’s… So count it all joy when we fall into diverse situations of this life….

The concern is not in the situation, but in the measures we take when we face them…

Some judged us sinners, who are paying for their sins, others take pity on us. Other times, no one knows about it, and we tend to keep it that way and ask ourselves questions that we distort the true form of its answers…

Some tried to quit on God, others decided to take a back seat and watch without a glimpse of hope

A few others consulted God and decided to trust in Him, saying ” though He slays me, yet will I trust Him.” The rest just act confused, not knowing whether to wait or quit.

Again , the concern is not the problem, but our response to it.

Being in the valley is not the problem, but our attitude right down the valley is key.

We should know that even in the valley, in the fire, in the waters , God is there with us, much more when we are at our lowest, there He sends His comforting spirit to us…

Be encouraged, and encourage others with this…


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