The Quest

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Have you ever been in that not so pleasant kind of situation in which all you have clamored and fought for in such a die hard manner is laid at your feet, right in front of you? What was the feeling like?

You smile but the smile is just half way an efflux from the heart. Its more like coming from the head.

You’ve gotten your revenge, but it seems not vengeful enough.

You underestimated the strength of love over hate

The heart wants to love freely, wants to be happy , but the quest for vengeance is some what forward, always trying to be ahead.

You address issues like one with a chip on his shoulder, being spiteful dishing out the anger.

Always at the point of proving a point even when it isn’t necessary.

Watch it! We do not see beyond what we apparently see. I mean the point you are trying to prove, don’t you think some one else already knows?

“I am happy”, so you say but here’s another question… Is that really happiness?

The quest for happiness has sent many running down the dark path of hate and bitterness because they ignorantly thought that happiness is only about self gratification.

Then they realize that the worth of living itself is not in the taking but in the giving.

Not in the ‘me satisfaction’ but in the ‘ us satisfaction’

Not in the ‘doing you’ all the time, but in the ‘doing us’ sometimes.

Not in the ‘ me happiness’ but in the ‘ we happiness’, which results to joy.

There’s hope even for a tree that has been hewed down, that at the scent of water it will spring up. You can still conquer that quest… The quest for true happiness. Ask me how…

It is conquerable by putting behind the hurt, pain, agony, strife and bitterness and looking forward to the things ahead with faith and hope because hope maketh not ashamed.

Enough!, we have tried fetching happiness using the hate pail which in turn contaminates the content of our happiness turning it into hate, strife and unhealthy competition.

Let’s give love a chance,let’s fetch from the well of happiness with the pail of love. Trust me… Nothing can go wrong. The Content will come out as pure and undefiling.

These are the lasting moments of our lives , when we infect others with our happiness. When it is no longer about me or you, but about me and you.

Remember this as you attend to each days need, ” let love lead”… The love of God has been shared abroad in our hearts.

These are my thoughts, what about yours?

I couldn’t agree less, do you agree?


How effective is your salt?

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Salt is one of the basic house hold commodity.  I don’t see the possibility of salt being absent in a home for a long period of time safe the individual has an certain vendetta with his or her kitchen..

The word “salt” isn’t strange to anyone as much as its usefulness. Am not trying to remind you of why you added salt to your last meal, or why you suggested that your neighbor should apply salt to preserve her food items.

Here’s what am here to do, to harness the salt in you and to make it effective.

How well does your presence and utterance lighten the burdens of the person beside you and restore hope to the seemingly hopeless? salt preserves…

Is it easy for your family, friends and colleagues to sweat it out around you and heave a sigh of relief? Salt allows free passage of heat…

What advice did you give that lady who came to complaining about her husband, or the young man of his boss and his job, or the young girl of her relationship with her best friend?Did you show them the easy way out by calling it quit for them? Salt can seal cracks and fissures in rocks that surrounds it…

How do you respond to the teenage girl down the corner, do you resent her because of her life style and telling your children not to be seen any where around her? Salt is useful for filtering and for treatment…

Why don’t you get to know this teenage girl and give her a little of your salt so she can be filtered and treated.

Why don’t you give the young lady, the young man and the young girl some your salt by urging them to face the problem and not run from it. They should go back and seal the cracks in their relationships..

There is salt in everyone of us, we shouldn’t let it lie dormant. Let it be extended to the people around us. Our family, friends and colleagues should be able to let go of stress whenever they are around us, that’s not asking for too much, is it?

No one wants to be around a person which makes them feel like they are walking on eggshells. Take note…

We are the salt of the earth, use your salt and be effective. Its one step ahead in solving the problems in our society, selah…

The more effective we are as salt, the less the suicide rate in our society..

Use your salt effectively, stay positive…

I Decide!!!

Living in this world where wrong and right are intertwined because doing right makes you feel awkward and apologetic and doing wrong makes you feel right cause its the conventional way.

I have realized that decisions are the in game, from staying alive to fighting your way through life.

In fact , you decide to stay positive or you get drowned by the ups and downs one would encounter as you stride on.

We make decisions daily from standing up to catch on with life, to coming back home to analyze each day and prepare for the next day.

From obeying simply rules as traffic signs to obeying obeying less simple rules as natural laws.

From putting what’s to be in front first, to putting oneself last so as to do what’s right.

From living life without grudge and malice to ensuring the happiness of others as well.

From putting aside our immediate self gratification to putting before us the safety and welfare of the people around us.

From dealing with our insecurities, to seeing ourselves as the same irrespective of our interests, goals, preferences, opinion,nationality, faith, belief, to the color of our skin.

The difference between outcomes, both negative and positive are the mechanisms surrounding the individual’s decisions. You either resolve to introspect and determine outcome from within or let circumstances decide for you.

This starts with me to you….

Do you wish to live in a society where no one is safe to stand on what is absolutely right?

Or a society where no one is trusted to commit anything to?

Where no one is confident to do business with anyone?

Where the young woman can not safely stroll down the street?

Where you are in pain, yet so scared to cry out for help?

Where mediocrity is encouraged against meritocracy?

We need to decide… Its starts with me and you…for me…

I say no to bigotry, racism, killing, rape and all other social vices to hampers human cordial relationship.

I say yes to non conformity, truth, love,selflessness, unity and oneness…

You decide…

I decide…


Do we have yo meet to part? Its really hard to let go just when you have adjusted and adapted. Sometimes I wish constant doesn’t change , why does change have to be constant?

So many questions running through my mind and its making me exhausted. Well no, i won’t be because its all for the best.

I have met so many amazing people and I just wish they remain around for a long while, at least, but its all for the best. That moment when you have to but you don’t want to, that bitter sweet moment , knowing what lies ahead but just wanting to hold on to the moment.

I need to embrace change, only then will I embrace what I envisage.

I need to deal with my fears , only then will I embrace change.

I need to face my fears, only then will I deal with it.

I need to summon courage, only then will I face my fears.

I need the right attitude and mind set, only then will I summon courage

I need to stay positive, only then will I exhibit the right attitude.

I need to build the positive atmosphere, only then will I stay in it.

I need the right materials, only then will I build the right atmosphere.

I need to put myself together, only then will I sort for the right materials.

I need to be true to myself, only then will I put myself together.

How do I stay true to myself, only if I look in a mirror.

I will look into the mirror, but I hope I recognize the truth I’ll find.

I don’t want to be that man who looks in a mirror and leaves and then forget how he looks.

For that I’ll need faith. Faith to believe that this is just the beginning of better things to come, and that whatever I think I have tasted sweet isn’t sweeter than tomorrow’s sweet.

I wise lady once asked me a question, in her words ” why settle for today, is it because you aren’t sure of what tomorrow holds?”

I have made my resolve, you know what, I’ve got to deal with this feeling, this nostalgic feeling that could give rise to complacency. I need to..

I’m sure so many of us battle with dealing with change, but you know , that’s real life for you… Change…

We’ve got to adjust and work it through with the right attitude and we shall continue to stay afloat and not drowned …. Thank you