Little by little, each seconds of the day. As the day chameleons into night, I saw myself getting neck deep into it, into this state I call “helplessness”.

At first I thought it was just a passing phase, but it didn’t pass. Then I concluded that everyone lived with it…Deception came calling…

I struggled with this feeling and experience until I caved in and became drowned in it.

Gradually my sense of reasoning and judgment were becoming altered , or better still, all I avoided it to be.

Days passed, weeks passed, and time took flight. Then I realized how lost I was. I felt empty, and it seemed like I have lost my connection with the entire cosmos.

Nothing was in agreement with me anymore, the best way I knew how to react was “aggression”. I took offense at every slight provocation, cursed and starting nursing bitterness within.

“OK , let me start doing what I used to do”, so I said, but did it work?…Disappointment…

I gave up, I resolved to live each day as they come .Gradually, that stranger came knocking and since I was bored, I opened my door…Depression sets in…

“Prayer is the key”, we all say therefore I tried to pray as usual. Guess what?I wasn’t supposed to pray as usual, I was supposed to pray like never before… Another disappointment sets in…

Since the entire world seemed to be against me, I starting questioning my presence in this world, suicidal thoughts came rushing. Thank God I didn’t take my life that I didn’t give to myself, the fear of hell prevented me.

I had to come face to face with my condition, what I prefer to call “a state of spiritual limbo”. I stood facing the mirror, cried my eyes out, talked down myself to the point of nothingness.

Then I remembered this from the first book of Samuel chapter 30 from verse 6, and I quoted, ” David encouraged himself in the Lord”.Since I wasn’t as courageous as king David, I looked back at my reflection on the mirror and firmly said ” God, encourage me now!”, I felt weak and sleepy.

After that I remembered waking up to remember the song that was sung to me in my dream. “Joy, joy, joy, rejoice…o my soul rejoice…sing within and without…o my soul rejoice…

I braced up, ran to the mirror and with my bloodshot eyes, I smiled. I was simply overwhelmed with joy, not happiness, not the kind that the world gives, but joy in my soul.

It was a moment of rebirth. Rebirth, I say… I couldn’t have felt so alive…everything seems to agree with me again.

To you reading this, it could also be that you are in the state of spiritual limbo, you can experience a rebirth.

To you who has never even experienced the God consanguinity, there is a room at the cross for you. He knocks at the door of your heart, can you kindly open? You cannot regret opening to Him.

This isn’t the time for lukewarmness, or nonchalance. It’s not a time for laggardness or indecision. it’s not a time for irresponsibility or sitting on the fence.

It’s a time for sons to arise, to get serious and busy for God. Make a decision today to come to God to experience a rebirth and to live in fulfilment of purpose.

Know this that the whole creature awaits your manifestation as a child of God.



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